An early Highveld morning…


Arriving early for a TV shoot gave me the opportunity to capture these images.

I am not going to divulge the location of the shoot,
but this brewing vat might just give you a clue…

This time of year here in Johannesburg,
offers wonderful morning skies.

Growing up in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, I was able to speak Xhosa,
This piece, by artist Brett Murray, is called Mantra and was made in 2000.

Another clue as to where we were working…
Ice cold beer on tap at 06h30?
Certainly NOT for the crew!

The cloud formations changed constantly…

The modern lines of the buildings in this cul-de-sac added an interesting dimension.

Sky view 1.

Sky view 2.

There is a lot of building work going on in the area,
however this corporate office seemed to be intact.

The local garbage collection company is called Pik-it-up…

But they are not doing a very good job…
“An awful lot of coffee in Brazil”?
Possibly, but there were also a lot of empty coffee jars on this Sandton sidewalk.

The penultimate sky shot…

This lady was taking food from one building to the next…

Putting my best foot forward…

Does this sign mean that visitors who are taller than 2.20m
are NOT allowed into the building?

Colour in the chaos.

In the middle of the wealthiest area of Johannesburg,
an overflowing sewer!
Welcome to Africa.

One last shot before it was time to start work.

Casting a giant shadow…
Time to get the show underway.
All the images were shot on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

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