Time to head back home with Federal Air


A final game drive before packing and catching our flight back to Johannesburg.

The highlight of my visit!

I have eaten Mopani worms before
but I have never seen a live one before.

The management of the Skukuza airstrip seem to have covered all their bases.
Except perhaps the possibility of passengers being eaten by wildlife…

There is ALWAYS paperwork…

Do we have a pilot?

“Can anyone fly this plane”?
” I CAN”

Take off.

Goodbye to Kruger National Park.
It was in this park in 1966 that my passion for wildlife was born.
And I am constantly amazed excited by what I experience on every bush “adventure”

Higher than Kilimanjaro…

and Everest…

Cruising altitude.

The view from my window.

Even Federal Air tunes into RADIO TODAY(1485am)

Noting that cannot be fixed with a screw and some wire…

Three minutes to landing…

Final approach.

I think that our pilot had engaged ” soft ride”  as it was the best flight I have ever experienced,
despite the weather.

And a landing that almost defies description…
Even though the runway was wet our pilot executed the best landing I have ever experienced.
*Round of applause*

Take a bow Martin… 

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