Jozi Night Rider MTB series at Heia Safari Ranch


Despite the weather this event was  held at Heia Safari Ranch.
Friday, 19/04/13
The event was dedicated to Paul Schulte,
who was murdered early in April.
He worked  tirelessly to get the track built and the series going.
Like the Paul Schulte Bridge at the base of the Franz Richter Dam wall,
this will be one part of the legacy leaves behind.Please share this in order to keep this senseless murder from just becoming another statistic:

Trying to reorganize the start time due to the rain.
The earlier rides had gone off as planned,
however the 10/20 km rides had to be “tweaked”to ensure the safety of the riders and the officials

This is before the race…
It did not look this clean afterwards…
But then again, neither did the riders!

The owner of Heia Safari Ranch, Gaby Burgmer together with deaf athlete Terrence Parkin.

“Let me explain how the ride is going to work”…

Supporters stood by to see their riders off.

Some last minute kit adjustments and possible strategy discussions?

Darren Herbst  on the lead bike for safety

Minutes to the “OFF”…

And they are on hold…

Trying to stay warm and focused

Please can we start?

Not until the late riders arrive…

A fire to keep the spectators warm

The countdown has begun

Like road running, the ladies and men ride in the same events

The race is on…

They head off into the darkness…

While back at the boma the children are having fun with the laser lights and smoke machine

And another successful event is done.
Despite the weather the feedback from the riders was extremely positive.
We will welcome them back to the next event on May 17Photo: This is truly an extremely enjoyable evening! Whether you are a competitor or spectator. Heia Safari grub is awesome and a super social evening too! It is a must...
Hopefully the weather will play along this month and
the riders will be out in force on May 17th!
The event also forms of this.
A worthy cause, so please support.

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