A bit of this and that from the bush…


My wife and I spent five days in Sabi Sands and Kruger National Park in April, 2013.
Here are some images from that trip.
If only I could have added this to my collection at home.
Rather difficult to “sneak” it out of the reserve without being caught out.
To the best of my knowledge it is still lying next to the road for other guests to enjoy.

Warthogs are a force to be reckoned with.
They might seem like an “easy” snack,
but their fearsome tusks have seen the downfall of many a predator.
HOWEVER…they do make good eating!

A cross-eyed Buffalo?
All the fault of the Red-billed Oxpecker on its nose.

What might this be?
Really up close with a White Rhino.

Kudu have such great camouflage.
Mom and baby…
Can you spot the third one in this photograph?

A change of season colouring.

“The long and winding road”…
Listen to the Beatles while you read the posting

The Sand River in the fading light…

And in the early morning.

Impala rams warming up,
having made it safely through the night

A European Roller puffing up
to get the full advantage of the early morning sun.

A pair of Vervet monkeys

A Crested Francolin hiding amongst the foliage.

April is the beginning of the rutting season.
As this female Impala found out.

One of my favourite sightings.
Rollercoaster shows off her cub.

Large male Baboons have been known to fight back when threatened
There have been recorded instances of this animals chasing off leopards.

My wife pretending to be Ava Gardner…
and succeeding.

A juvenile Brown Snake Eagle.
Our arrival had disturbed it on a kill.
A large Puffadder!

Looking like the road in the reserve …
The back of a large female Elephant.

As the sunsets, it is time to head back to camp.
Many thanks to Ale and Kruger at Lion Sands, Sabi Sands
and Jason and Emmanuel at Lion Sands, Kruger National Park
for their expertise and the informative game drives. 

Thanks to the More Group for hosting us.
For further information or reservations please contact:
Lion Sands Private Game Reserve
(011) 880-9992

And for two of the best flights EVER!
Thank you Sean and Martin.
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