“Pruttel”, a new work by Jayne Batzofin.

 From the 2013 Kanna award ceremony
won TWO Awards
A Kanna for:
Best debut production
A Slurpie Kanna for:
Best newcomer performer
Nieke Lombard…
Many congratulations to all concerned!

Jayne Batzofin(Pruttel), and Nieke Lombard( best newcomer)

Publicity from Die Burger newspaper…

Jayne Batzofin, Director and designer of “Pruttel”

Jayne was born into a theatrical family, and unable to defy her genetics she finds herself amidst the crazy world that is theatre. Her internal world, however, is full of trinkets and memories stashed in old shoe boxes, set in vast landscapes of nothingness as seen in her works, “From nowhere”, “Infectious” and “C’est pour aujourd’hui” and her ground breaking production “Kardiavale”.
Jayne thinks of herself as a theatre soldier fighting on its front-line and she has been a wonderer and a wanderer for a long time.
Jayne graduated from Wits University Cum Laude with a BADA (Honours): majoring in directing and stage and costume design.
After graduation she was ecstatic to be selected to study at the world renowned  L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris.
On her return Jayne moved Cape Town, a city that she says inspires her to produce new cutting edge works.AND NOW…
her brand new work brings the “Batzofin bite” to Baanbreek at KKNK.

photo by: david batzofin
Her production was commissioned for Baanbreek at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn

These are some of the pictures she has drawn as part of the set design

“The eyes have it”…

“I have a house in Africa”…

I want to know who the fellow “lurking” in the background is.
I did ask the director and her response?
“Come and see the show”…

A family outing?

I am reliably informed that these pictures play a significant role in “Pruttel”…
All the images are the copyright property of Jayne Batzofin and may not be used without permission.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend…
But, in theatre parlance, ” Good luck” is
“Break a leg”.
And that is what I wish her and her cast.

An overview of the production


Watch an excerpt from the show and see what the director has to say about it.
“Pruttel” was made possible by the ABSA KKNK.

Some information on the production and how to book tickets

A movie that Jayne played the lead in last year.