No problem…we visit Hakunamatata, in Mogale City



The day started out clear and bright…
Although there were dark threatening clouds,
we did not consider them to be a problem…
we were later to be proved VERY wrong.

Hakunamatata reception area…
Very friendly staff on duty…but only until 17h00.
This could have been at anyone of the many game lodges my wife and I have visited

This is what we came to try out,
as part of the Groupon package we had purchased

Not much in the way of decoration in the Spa reception…

One of the many couples that were at the Spa while we enjoyed our treatments

We started of in this “tiny”sauna…
just big enough for 2 or at a push, 4 people.

The wall decorations we made up of stone, shells and cement!

Our accommodation.
Situated a short(ish) walk from the main buildings.
There are 4 rooms(or Kayas as they are known in the vernacular) in this building
There are a total of 12 rooms available on the property.
Our room number

My wife patiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures of the interior
THEN she can come in and unpack…

A view from our balcony

Only a shower, basin and toilet…
no bath but more than adequate.

Plenty of quiet places to sit and read…
or just sit.

Hakunamatata are well known as a wedding venue,
perhaps these statues represent a bride and groom?

Water and flowers
A recurring theme.

And then the rain came…
In torrents!
Luckily it stopped as we had to leave for dinner…
and started again as soon as we returned from our meal.

The mound at the base of this candle holder is melted wax…
I wonder how many candles it took to build.

Dinner time…
The food was very tasty although some of it was lukewarm.

Upon our returning to our room the heavens opened, again.
This time with thunder and lightening
Unfortunately, the cloud cover diffused the lightning, but I did try to capture some of the flashes
But with not much success!
Time to climb into our VERY comfortable bed to get some sleep.
The pillows were not to my exacting standards,
but as usual, I had brought my own.

1] Toilet
was not flushing. We were offered the use of the toilet in the main building although realistically that was not an option.Are toilet
checks be done before guests arrive?
2] Only
SABC1…the rest of the channels were not available. 

A call to reception
confirmed that there was a problem with the decoder.
3] No
Wi-Fi, which is strange considering the venue offers conference facilities.
4] Staff at
dinner were over attentive…cleared plates almost as soon as we had put our
cutlery down…

but it actually became fun towards the end of the meal.
5] No
communication between staff…I got two starters and my wife’s dessert was not forthcoming. 
1] Very
friendly staff  “we welcome you with both hands”
2] Spa
staff was very good and did not rush us.
Eventually the toilet was fixed…again by very friendly staff
4] Very
comfortable beds.
coffee in the room!
“package” was a Groupon deal that we bought in July 2012 as our September
wedding anniversary gift. Unfortunately we could only get a weekend in March, 2013. 

Why, I
hear you ask…the weekend packages are the most sought after and they only have
12 rooms

 ( max,26 people sharing) so weekend accommodation is at a premium.
The venue
caters for day visitors and conferences

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