Highlights…three years and 700 postings



Time for retrospection.
Having written 700 posts I decided to share some of my favourites with you, my readers

This was the very first posting from September, 2010
No pictures!
My most memorable…
After 47 years of bush visits, I finally get to see a kill.
One of my island visits…
This posting was from my trip to Mauritius.

Heia Safari Ranch…
If they were a country, Zebra would be the “national” animal.
They also sponsor my radio show.
Listen to the podcast from the first broadcast.

The founder of Heia has been gone for five years.
This is my tribute to him.


I have been very lucky to have flown to many lodges with this airline
Federal Air is the way to fly…
and they have the best snacks in their departure lounge!

One of the best…
no, THE best Spa my wife and I have visited.
Aside from travel, I have been covering monthly acoustic music evenings for the last year
And in the process I have “discovered” a plethora of fine unknown talent

Bird photography takes patience and good camera equipment.
I have the latter but not much of the former…

Since my first trip to a game reserve(Kruger National Park) in 1966,
I have had an unwaivering passion for all things wild.
My travel writing has allowed me the opportunity to visit some of the best lodges
and reserves that SA has to offer.

For a year I worked on cage fighting events.
It was a lot of fun…
especially the audience…
beer bellies, moustaches, tattoos and tight t-shirts…
and that was just the women!

From my bucket list…

Travels with my heart.

My attempt at cooking in Vietnam.

African sunrises and sunsets.
From my best game reserve, Madikwe.

Our first island holiday…

My daughter Jayne is a theatre warrior…this is one of her productions.

In almost 12 years as a travel writer, I have only had two “bad” experiences.
One was a property in Magaliesberg that did not know what it wanted to be…so no story.
And then this incident at the Catembe Gallery Hotel.
A shocking experience, but it did make for a good story.
And my wife can now laugh about it.

And finally,
I have been very lucky to have the likes of Uber travel journalist
Carroline Hurry writing a guest Blog for me.
The last three years have been an interesting journey for both the blog and me.
From the beginnings when the blog was just a place for my newspaper articles
to where it finds itself now…
an award winning “publication” with lots of images…
and music…

AND its own radio show!

1485am broadcasts live from its Johannesburg studio
and nationally on DStv audio channel 169.
Radio Today (@Radio2Day) also streams via its website: www.1485.org.za
AND on cell phones: 1485.mobi


Stick around…the only way from here is UP…

It would be remiss of me not to pay tribute to Kate Turkington,
The woman who gave me my start in travel writing
Many thanks, Auntie Kate.

A “doffing of the proverbial hat” to Bruce Dennill.
As editor of CitiVibe this young man has given me a platform in mainstream media
by printing my travel articles

or by writing articles about me!

My Sponsors
Also a big THANK YOU to my regular sponsors,
without whom none of this might have happened.
www.sablogawards.comAnd of course, you my readers, who contributed to getting me this award.
This Blog would not exist without you!

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