An overview of my Mauritius trip…


Getting to the island on the national carrier.
I flew there and back on the same aircraft
“Blue Bay”…
And before you ask, they do have more than one plane in their fleet.
My first port of call.
On the west coast…
for a change I was able to get up late as I did not need to photograph sunrises.

A Pirogue is a small boat.
The roofs of the hotel are designed to look like the sails of that type of craft

Bigger, better, faster

Most of the “free” sport on offer revolves around non-motorized water sport…

The old swimming pool is now a water feature…
The management and staff of this hotel set the tone for my stay on Mauritius.
Service excellence is a National attribute.

Some of the bird life on the island might look familiar to South African visitors.
We know this as a Common House Sparrow

A Mauritius Fody

My favourite…
A red-whiskered Bulbul

A Village Weaver.

And a common pest that I have found at almost every destination I have ever visited…
Except Kilimanjaro!
An Indian Minor

In the capital, Port Louis, I did find some local craft.
These statues, carved on the spot by well known local artist PEM

There is a Chinese influence in the architecture of some of the buildings

This might look like Alcatraz but it is a storage facility at the water front.

I wonder how this anchor got to be in this condition.
From the market…
This is the fish section.
Due to religion and customs, there are separate sections for beef, pork,goat and chicken

His Majesty’s customs get a look in…
I moved from the west coast to the east…

Probably the most photographed part of this hotel.

A view of the Indian Ocean

Part of the main reception area at the hotel.

The first view that guests get…
A great family hotel with lots for all to enjoy
This airline offers 10 daily and 3 night flights a week from Johannesburg
There are 3 direct return flights a week from Cape Town

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