Wildlife from Jaci’s Tree Lodge drives


Charis is the latest addition to the ranger staff at Jaci’s Tree Lodge.
Her enthusiasm and passion are catching and I certainly enjoyed being on her vehicle.
Here she is searching for Sour Plums for us to try…
Leopards next time Charis?

Not usual to find a Red Billed Oxpecker at water…

A VERY pretty European Roller

This tortoise was trying to climb out of the water at Vlei Pan
We were concerned for its safety an survival until we spotted this…

Black Rhino!
Out in the open and prepared to pose for pictures…

We tried to get back to the Pan to find out if the tortoise had survived,
But we encountered a roadblock in the shape of this Bull Elephant
Once again we forgot about the tortoise and its possible fate.

This is the smaller pack of Wild Dogs

There are seven in the pack and they seemed to have ADD!
‘Rest’ was not in their vocabulary and they enjoyed playtime in the fading light

White Rhino…

A Madikwe sunset…

A Waterbuck that Charis renamed a “Valentine Buck”
Because the nose looks like a heart.


On the road again
White Rhino making it difficult to pass…

Hitching a ride
Red Billed Oxpeckers on the back of an adult White Rhino

Not what you want to see while walking in the bush

I would rather like to find them like this.

A red crested Korhaan.
Also known as the “Suicide Bird”as a result of its mating display

Happy Charis and guests and the end of a great game drive…

A final sighting…
A Lion strolling down the road.

They were making their way “home”
and it was time for us to end our drive and head back to Jac’s Tree Lodge for supper
Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.



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