Time to say goodbye…Jaci’s Lodges


It was time to say goodbye to Jaci’s Tree Lodge,
my “home” for the past three days.
This male Bushbuck was there to see me off

This “Bambi” could be his offspring….

I discovered areas on the property that I had not seen during my short visit in November, 2012
Like this secluded spot.

The swimming pool would have come in VERY useful,
if I had the time.

I used this path on several occasions to get to Jaci’s Safari Lodge
where the Internet was working.
Unfortunately(or fortunately as it turned out) the Internet was down at Tree Lodge due to a cable fault
HOWEVER…this should be fixed within the next few days…

As a result, I was able to get to know this path, that connects the two lodges, intimately

I photographed this on my last visit as well.
I forgot to ask what it was then…and I forgot again on this trip!
If any of the management team can enlighten me, I will be very grateful

The leafy walkways are still lit by paraffin lamps,
even though there is electricity available at the lodge

All the exposed copper piping had been highly polished.

This is THE most comfortable beanbag I have EVER sat in

The walkways I mentioned earlier.

Dinner time.

This is what Charis and I found when we got to Eastern Airstrip
to await the arrival of my return Federal Air flight

Rangers from different camps waiting for new guests

And here comes our plane.
However, if you look carefully in the left hand corner you will see a Blue Wildebeest
casually making its way across the runway…

the landing is aborted…
Wheels up it gains hight…

And banks into a steep turn to try the approach again

This time one of the rangers keeps an eye open for the offending animal

It is not water on the runway…
merely the shimmering heat reflexted off the tarmac

Ready to off load the inbound passengers,
And load those of us who have to get back to Johannesburg.

Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.



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