Stepping out…a walk from Jaci’s Tree Lodge, Madikwe


I last visited Jaci’s Tree Lodge in November, 2012
I returned to experience on of their game walks…
In order to get started before it was too hot,
we left the camp before the Helmeted Guinea Fowl had left their overnight roost

We discovered this youngster on the way to the start of the walk…

It was still too dark to safely start so we waited for a while…

Once it was light enough, we left the vehicle and headed of in a Westerly direction…

Paul was my guide for the walk and here he is making sure that “fresh”rounds are in the rifle.
In his backpack was a radio and a first aid kit.
Just in case…
Luckily I did not need to use any of the contents.

Some Blue Wildebeeste that took NO interest in us at all!

We might not have bumped into any of these species on this particular walk
But being a Big 5 area, there is a possibility that encounters could happen

Rhino urine…or so I was told!
I have to believe Paul

A small Terrapin enjoying a soak in a puddle

A female Golden Orb Spider

Sunlight on her web…

Paul testing to see how fresh this Rhino dung was.
Luckily for us, it was a couple of hours old and the “depositor”had left the area.

Does this prove that Rhino are omnivorous?
Does the dove feather in the dung confirm that Rhino eat meat?
Answers on a postcard please…

Black Rhino tracks

White Rhino tracks…
It seems to have been hunting a poacher and dropped a round…

And the shadow belongs to…

The bark of a Tamboetie tree

A Blue Pansy butterfly

I had visions of predators telling their young:
“You see these tracks”?
“It is food, but it has a hard crunchy outside,but a soft and juicy inside”!

And with that the walk was over…
We covered about four km and it took us about three hours.
However the time flew by and the walk was most entertaining and educational.
Watch this space for updates as Jaci’s has big plans for their guided walks.
My thanks to Paul for a sharing his extensive knowledge with me.
Any mistakes or assumptions about animal behaviour mentioned in this posting are mine.
Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.

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