Part 2: Port Louis, Mauritius


Not so much a stadium as a school sports ground.
But good to see that the “Madiba Magic”reaches out across the globe

This waterfront development was designed by a South African

This rather quirky statue was carved on site by a local artist,
using a variety of wood

And this is the artist…
Phillipe Edwin Marie…

A carousel…used mainly on the weekend

This facade would make a great prison…in a movie
It is,in fact, a grain loading facility

Fishing boats all in a row

Port Louis has its own casino…
this lion guards it!

YUP, many of these here…

Going up?
or down…

Looks like a railway station platform

I would also have anger…

Guarding the coastline
the old and the new…

Spot the odd one out

Time to play at being Don Quixote…
Now if I could just find a donkey

Window and pipe…


And behind door number 1…

Please be seated

Take me home…please!
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