On the beach at La Pirogue


Fact: More people are killed by falling coconuts than by sharks!

This one landed not too far from where I was working…
However, I have it on good authority that NO guest has ever been hit at La Pirogue

My mission was to find a sea urchin…
and I did, this living one.

People seemed to like sitting in the water.

All sorts of non-motorised water sports are available

and then there are the professionals…

The cloud formations promised rain…
and it came, gently, after dark
But not too much

Ever wondered where lost socks go?
This one is on holiday in Mauritius…
and like me, is here without a partner.

This is a “Where’s Wally”for crabs.
Can you spot it?
Answers on a postcard please.

Beach art.

Putting my best foot forward…

on the horizon…

This is the sea urchin I was looking for…
And it was found in the most unlikely place!
Nestled on this ledge about a metre off the beach.
This is for you Dad…

Time to pack up the “toys”.

The mountain in the background is actually a UNESCO Heritage site.

From the deck

low angle makes this rock look far bigger than it was.

outgoing tide

Flotsam…or maybe not.
I think this was used as mooring for some of the water craft

Just watching this group playing volleyball made me head for my room
and drink vast amounts of water

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