My last night at La Pirogue


What looks like a volcano is actually a mountain with clouds behind it!

With darkness falling, this guest was off to enjoy Happy Hour at The Blue Bar

All the rum is locally made on the island.

While waiting for the Sega dancing to begin,
I wandered around the foyer looking for areas that I had not yet photographed
The glass in front of this wall is made from recycled glass and represents a wave

Available at the Blue Bar

Some of what was on offer for dinner.
They also had candy floss as dessert, not that I had any!

Some statues at the pool

On Sega nights, locals bring their products to sell.
Normally they move between the guests, but rain just before the show forced them to gather under cover.

A part of the reception area.
This is where I was welcomed on my arrival

The main reception desk.

Sega time!

The dances in these white outfits are representative of the early days of slavery

whirling skirts…

and vibrant, upbeat music…

I can identify with this musician…
I played the triangle in my primary school band.

A square rain stick…

This “drum”,is similar to the Irish Bodhran.
The original was made of goat skin and had to be heated for 50 minutes before performances.
The current ones are made of synthetic materials

A change into colourful costumes, signifying freedom.

One last flourish before the end of the performance

“Good night and thank you for joining us”.
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