Inbound with Air Mauritius


Time to head back to the island.
I was in Mauritius about 5 years ago, so I was looking forward to the trip
Guess on which side of the curtain I flew?

Not often that you get to see your plane before you fly
Especially the way the ORT International Airport is designed.
In years gone by you could go to a “viewing deck”, but that has long gone.
I have to say I find the airport understaffed and very hot…
but that could just be me!

Chicken or beef?

Boarding time…and for a change I was one of the first to board

Row 9, Seat F…
My ‘home’ for the next four hours…
and a two hour time change

There was music and a movie available,
but I had seen the movie and decided to read instead

I always request an emergency exit row as it has more leg room

as we start to taxi…

All the airvents were working,
an important feature for me after a recent “uncomfortable” flight on a small aircraft
(NO fault of that particular airline, but my failure to take my airsickness medication in time).

On the return trip I hope to be on the other side of the curtain…

Getting ready for take off…
Remember in the ’60’s when people dressed up to fly?

I had the entire row to myself…first time ever.

Time for the safety instructions…
How many people actually watch?
Perhaps a pop quiz before drinks can be ordered?

“Please put your seat in the upright position”

And we are off…

Dinner with proper cutlery!

Last week I was taking sunsets in Madikwe Game Reserve.
Today I am taking images of clouds from 37000ft

Coming in to land…

A mural at the Sir Seewoosagor Ramgoolam International Airport.
We were the only flight in the arrivals hall and that meant that we cleared customs very quickly.
Suitcase were waiting at the baggage carousal.
And my driver was waiting and was able to pronounce my surname correctly
Well done to all concerned…

The road to my first hotel on this trip…
La Pirogue…
But more about them in another blog.
This airline offers 10 daily and 3 night flights a week from Johannesburg
There are 3 direct return flights a week from Cape Town

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