Game drives from Madikwe Safari Lodge


A couple of male giraffes having a mock fight.
Luckily they are taller than the trees or we would have not seen any of the action.

Cheeky! This young elephant was tyring to make a point.
But only because mom and the rest of the herd was close by

Afternoon snack time

A zebra, caught in the late afternoon sun

After our earlier interaction with buffalo,
we were keen to just see them enjoy themselves

and they did
That is, until the elephants arrived

Elephants DO NOT like to share water with other animals,
No matter how big the dam might be

The herd takes of…

All except for this bull that decided to stand its ground!

Well, for a short while anyway…

Baby elephants are really CUTE.

NOT so cute when they are this size…and this close.

Leadwood 1

Leadwood 2

Mom and baby enter from the tree line

and this “family” arrived at the same time

Mom and baby White Rhino.

The tiny ‘dot’ on the right hand side of the picture is a Dabchick
This elephant did not like it and tried, unsuccessfully, to get it to leave the water!

Home time…

But not before Kevin has to fix a puncture.
A truly memorable and exciting day…

Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.

This property was recently acquired by the More Group and is currently undergoing an extensive makeover.
That being said, the work is being carried out with minimal interruption to the daily guest activities.
Congratulations to Jeremy Clayton(GM) and his staff on a job well done.
To find out more about Lelapa as well as Kopano and Dithaba and the  current rates
visit their website:

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