Elephants of Madikwe


Madikwe style.

Does this remind you of a song title?
If so what song?
*See the end of the posting for the answer.

The Madikwe Elephants love the water

Time to blow bubbles

Taking the weight off…

Best viewed from a vehicle

This bull was in no mood to stop and pose!
The Madikwe elephants were released into the reserve as part of Operation Phoenix( 1991-1997)

They are now the second largest breeding population in South Africa

The “eyes” have it

They original elephants were aggressive towards the rangers and the game drive vehicles,
but over the years they have become more relaxed

There are some individuals(not this particular one)
that do give the management trouble on an almost daily basis.
On my last visit to Madikwe a White Rhino had been killed at a waterhole by a disgruntled pachyderm

There HAS to be a butt shot!

Sniffing the air…

Lunch time

This could be anywhere in Africa.


The elephants are breeding well and I found lots of very young animals on this trip.

Checking to see if we pose a threat

This little fellow battled to get up the dam wall.
Eventually with the help of the adults and
encouragement from the other youngsters in the group
it got to the top…
and promptly fell down the other side.

a stroll in the late afternoon sunlight.
The Leadwood tree is the defining image of Madikwe.*The song title I was thinking of was “TUSK” by Fleetwood Mac*
Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.




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