Wild dog kill during a game drive from Madikwe Safari Lodge


This posting contains graphic images of a kill.
This was a particularly poignant posting for me.
Every time I arrive at a reserve and a ranger asks me what I want to see on a game drive,
my response is more often than not;
“Something dying in front of my lens”…
In 47 years of visiting reserves, I have never been “lucky”enough to see that happen.
Until this game drive from Madikwe Safari Lodge,
when that request was finally granted…

When Kevin, the head ranger began our morning drive,
we had no idea what lay in store for us

Kevin had noticed a cloud of dust, and thinking it was the herd of buffalo we were looking for,
he headed in that direction.
We found this pack of wild dogs in a stand off with a female buffalo

They had taken down a buffalo calf

ripping into the tough hide was not easy…

STAND OFF…the female looks on helplessly

The soft parts were attacked first

The mother stayed as the terrified bellowing of her offspring continued…

The eyes say it all…

The slaughter continues…

Unlike their regular prey, like wildebeest and impala,
this was proving far more difficult to subdue

The mother remained until the bellowing faded and the dogs claimed their prize
Africa’s most dangerous animal stands silently and watches,
as her offspring dies

Bloodied faces tell the end of this story…

Although their muzzles were full of blood
their teeth remained almost pristine white!

Unlike other predators, dogs share the kill with each other

On the look out for an enemy?

Or perhaps the rest of the pack?
The kill seems to have been done by the pups,
with the adults staying in the treeline

“That was tasty”…

Bright eyed and bushy tailed?

To the victor the spoils.
This liver was wolfed down in three gulps.

On the look out for the next meal?
Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.



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