Dinner at Barlen’s. Le Touessrok


I was allowed to leave my island “office” to go and have dinner… 
The restaurant is right on the beach,
two levels,with the lower on being on the beach

This was my “date”for the evening…
Very bright, but not great company!

My “date” peering over the top of my menu…

As the venue is very dark, the menus are lit by clip-on LED lights! 
This pages for the starters…

and these are the mains.

I pondered about the design of the roof while awaiting my starter.

Those who know my eating habits will be surprised by my choice:
Simple heart of palm salad with Lime dressing.Chef’s salad

Pan fried line caught fish.
Dried chili and sweet potato chutney.
Water spinach and red curry sauce.

This is what happens when I eat alone…
I start to get creative!

Dessert menu…

My choice:
Rice Krispies meringue, Madarin Sorbet.
Blackberry coulis, citrus fruit jelly and speculoos…



Cuppachino to finish off…

My walk back to my room.
This is an outdoor seating area between the restaurant and this…

Beach bar…

Some of the loungers  are lit at night.
Rather romantic…

My building…
Looks like it could be Cuban…
Tummy full,
Tired eyes…
Night all!

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