Wildlife up close and personal…

How close would YOU be prepared to go in order to get “that” image…

This is the rear end of a relaxed Spotted Hyena.
I would not want to get off a vehicle to get closer.
(Madikwe game reserve)

This only looks good on a leopard.
Again I would stay well inside the confines of the vehicle
(Madikwe game reserve)

If I was actually this close, this would probably be my last photo
A good one, but my last
(Madikwe game reserve)

This would certainly not cause me bodily harm!
A Lilac-breasted Roller
(Madikwe game reserve)

I have been very close to Zebra, but I am always aware that they are capable of biting and kicking
(Madikwe game reserve)

This Spotted Eagle Owl could do damage if it chose to
(Madikwe game reserve)

Giraffe can kick sideways…not everyone knows that, I do now…
(Madikwe game reserve)

Impala rams can “do a damage”with their horns, should they wish to!
(Madikwe game reserve)

THIS is the view that you want to see of a White Rhino…not the sharp end.
(Madikwe game reserve)

This Wild Dog MIGHT look like he is sleeping, but I would not want to try to prove that.
“Let sleeping dogs lie”is a good adage in this instance
(Madikwe game reserve)

This Kudu would be long gone before you could get this close
(Madikwe game reserve)

A sliver of a Bee-eater…no danger here
(Madikwe game reserve)

Elephants might look cute, but even small ones can be dangerous
Where did this little fellow get so muddy?…
(Madikwe game reserve)

Certainly not at this waterhole…

One of our ancestors?
And a potentially dangerous one at that
(Madikwe game reserve)

The most dangerous animal on the African continent?
An African Buffalo…really close!
(Madikwe game )

Although small, a Springbok is capable of attacking should it feel threatened
(Heia Safari Ranch)

I have a history of being chased by Wildebeest…but have I learned my lesson?
Eventually, yes…
(Heia Safari Ranch)

I don’t think this could be considered dangerous…
Unless you had a severe allergy…
The bottom line…
Wild animals are exactly that, wild…
Be aware at all times and certainly never put yourself in harms way
No photo-opp is worth that.

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