Dusk… usually the best time for the leopard to be out hunting
Panthera Pardus is the smallest of the cats in this family.
The other three ar the lion, tiger and panther

Numbers international have been severely reduced as a result of hunting and loss of habitat

As a result it currently holds “Near threatened” status on the IUCN Red List

Almost without a doubt the best area for leopard sightings is the Sabi Sands area

These are all Sabi Sands animals that were photographed on a variety of trips

Watching me instead of the sibling…

catching some morning sun

The stalk…

This youngster was intent on this Francolin

It was somewhat uncertain of what to do in order to catch it…

A pounce…and a miss

It then followed the bird into a tree where it got itself into this position…
Looking for help?

I am from the same family

I found this stunning female in the Southern Kruger National Park

Same animal, different pose.

This female was very special
I found her during a game drive in Madike, NW
She was my first female leopard sighting in this particular reserve

Not once, but in two consecutive game drives!

I know that this Communal Spiders web has nothing to do with cats…
I just liked the image!

We were able to spend a reasonable amount of time with her as she went about looking for a meal.
She did not kill while we were in the vicinity.
My first Madikwe male leopard sighting was 6 weeks earlier.

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