Holga-ish wildlife

Designed by T. M. Lee in 1981, the Holga camera first appeared outside China in 1982. At the time,120 roll film, in black-and-white was the most widely available film in mainland China. The Holga was intended to provide an inexpensive mass-market camera for working-class Chinese in order to record family portraits and events
(Information from Wikipedia)  

This is my tribute to that format

Using modern digital programs

Because the camera and specifically the lens, was badly made it caused the final image to be rather interesting

The photographer had no control over the finished product.
other than the fact you knew what the subject was.

Aside from the mosquito, the Hippo is probably responsible for more deaths on the African continent

In fact this weakness was its strength…
and has given this “toy camera” cult status

Currently 120 roll-film is difficult (impossible) to obtain…
so these “Holga-ish” digital images are the next best thin

A male Kudu
Age can be ascertained by the number of turns in the horns.

A group of elephants in a dry river bed

A young female leopard

Same species, different female

Eye of the rhino…

Close up of a warthog

A VERY alert wild dog

A lone Zebra

An African sunset

A communal spiders web

A thoughtful lion?

I started with a buffalo, and I will end with one…

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