The Madikwe big 8…


Every tourist to an African game reserve wants to see the “Big 5”

Often they believe these particular animals were chosen because of their size…

The truth is that they are considered the most dangerous to hunt

The canny Cape Buffalo should be Number 1

With the current poaching rate, the Rhino might not be on the list much longer

The Lion is considered the “King of the Jungle” and as such has gained its place in this group

And, unfortunately, the magnificent Leopard is also one of the “5”
In order to add a “non-hunting” aspect to the original “5”,
Cheetah were added

As were Wild Dog…

Making up a list called “The Magnificent 7”,which can only be seen in certain reserves.

I have added to this to the above…probably the biggest killer in Africa.
The Anopheles Mosquito.
And the only one in my “Big 8” that you do not want to see.
The “MAGNIFICENT 7” can be found in the Madikwe game reserve.
Luckily the mosquito cannot!

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