Not for sensitive readers…Wild Dog kills.

This posting contains graphic images of wild dog kills.
This is the largest Wild Dog pack in Madikwe.
There are 12 pups that are about six months old as well as sixteen adults.

Because the pack is so large, they kill almost every day.

Sometimes more than once.

We found the pups on what was left of a small Wildebeest.

Although it had been killed no more than twenty minutes we found them,
all that was left was head, horns and hooves

The bones became “play things”…

The pack certainly got stuck in…

Some where lucky to get away from the pack to enjoy their spoils

And then there were the late comers…

But they got to participate.

Two days later I again found the same pack on the second of two kills they had made.

This Wildebeest was a sub adult, so a lot more food to go around.

This dog was to keen to see what he could discover.

Full to bursting.

Time to test teeth on the tough hide


Back on the carcass

Some play fighting.

Just to prove that size is no object…

Like the Elephant, this Rhino had nothing to fear.
Pictures from our recent Madikwe safari. All images are the copyright property of  and may not be used without permission