Madikwe wild life.Part 2

More wild life images from our recent Madikwe “safari”

These Giraffe reminded me of two guys at a urinal…

A shiny Scarab Beetle…

Wildebeest doing what they do best…running away

A baby zebra

Elephants are always an impressive sight…

There were endless discussions about this particular bird…
I know it is a woodpecker, but which one?
Answers to 

That time of year…
Waterbuck sparring…

Young Impala rams doing the same.

A Tree Squirrel

An inquisitive female Kudu

Not the perfect shot.
The the colour on this Crimson-breasted Shrike is striking


A dragon fly

“Wait for meeeeeeeeee”

A Leopard tortoise slaking its thirst.

Steenbuck do not normally wait around to have their picture taken

Although they cannot jump or trot, these elephants were moving

a male Kudu on the run

From this possibly?

To quote one of our rangers:
“Buffalo always look at you as if you owe them money”.
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All the images were taken during game drives from these lodges.
My thanks to all our rangers.

Our transfer company. Wynand was a great driver.