From our Madikwe safari…all creatures great and small


A self portrait…my wife sneaked into the shot…
What caught the attention of this guest?
And this one…


And they all celebrated…

The second best part of a game drive…

This is the best. And every evening is different.

Tsepang(Lucky), one of the rangers at Jaci’s Lodges

Another sunset another drive.

Eugene, our ranger at Makanyane did this twice…and in record time

Jaci, owner of Jaci’s Lodges catching up on some photo time

The “small stuff” is often missed. My wife spotted this dragon fly

I found these two ladies in the pool at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

A Leopard tortoise…faster than I thought

A Monarch Butterfly

A Locust…

That was the small stuff and this is “part” of the big!

The Leadwood tree should be the emblem for Madikwe.

This is what visitors want to see…

Many thanks to all our hosts and rangers…
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