I meander in the Midlands…


Random images from my weekend trip to the Natal Midlands

Howick has become the retirement capital of South Africa.
This is just part of one of the complexes

A family of House Sparrows(Mossies) catching some early morning sun

A Common Fiscal Shrike…

A Southern Red Bishop…

and up close

A patrolling Hadeda.
A male African Stonechat

A quiet place for contemplation.


The gardens are just coming into bloom…

This bird-feeder  was a stop off point for several species

The top of Howick Falls has become an eye-sore(and a health hazard) as the locals do their washing there

other falls visitors might be interested in visiting.

the falls still offer spectacular images.

One man and his dog…

My transport arrives and it is time to head back to Johannesburg


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