From the bus…


Recently I took a trip down to Howick,KZN, using the Greyhound bus service. 

This posting is a result of the fact that someone else was driving me
(I make a REALLY unpleasant car passenger) 

Images from along the N3 back to Jhb 

When are we not allowed to talk to the driver? 

This hotel has been around since 1896! 

The postbox…not so long. 

small town main street…could be any town in SA 

I thought the two black “dots” were cattle until, on closer inspection, I saw that they were Ostriches. 

Windmills often feature on my travels 

As do churches…

Strange coincidence, I was meant to have joined these riders for a trip to Clarence… 

A bridge too far…from anywhere?

Like windmills, power pylons feature in some of my travel postings…

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