Bird of Prey Centre and wildlife sanctuary at Kopanong Hotel.


I have to love my ‘job”…I would never have expected that while working as a conference photographer I would have come across this…

Walking out of the venue, I was confronted by this Verreaux’s (Black) Eagle called Rain
and his handler James Oertel

In spite of the thick leather glove, the talons sometimes do damage

A proud Eagle…

And after a walk through the Kopanong Hotel and Conference centre,
time for fluffing up the feathers and a quick bath

This is an African Marsh Owl called Mellow.
Marsh…Mellow…get it?

Oliver, and African Barn Owl…
with a face shaped like that he could probably make a good Valentine’s gift

An African Wood Owl named Woody
Reminds me of an Ewok

A Spotted Eagle Owl called Jessie.

Got to love this expression…

Bradley, the Rock Kestrel

Hive, the Honey Buzzard

An African Fish Eagle called Kipper
Do I have to explain this one as well?

This bird looks like a Gannet on steroids…it is actually a Palm-nut Vulture called “H”
Unlike “real” vultures, this species lives mainly on the South African east coast where they live off the fruit of the introduced Raphia palm

One of my favourite raptors…A Short tailed (Bateleur) Eagle.
This one is called Grant…I have no idea why!

Time for a pedicure? The scales on the feet are designed to enable this raptor to catch snakes without getting bitten in the process

The only non-indigenous raptor at the facility…
Inka, the South American Black Breasted Buzzard Eagle

Max, the Lanner Falcon

And a surprise…Sahara the cheetah

This six year old male was the highlight of my visit
The sanctuary is open from 2-5pm, Tuesday to Sunday
Morning sessions start at 10 and is reserved for booked tours and Groupon specials
Booking is essential and you can find out more about the current specials by visiting the web site:
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