“Here kitty”…


Here are “my” kitties…

This pair of brothers had just enjoyed a morning “snack” and something to drink was required…

Looking like models in a shampoo commercial, manes blowing in the wind.

Off to find somewhere to lay up for the day…

but first a couple of poses for my camera…

This is my good side…

“Does this work for you”?

The following morning we found this lioness on a Wildebeest kill

Sunny skies and a meal, what more can anyone want?

and the cubs arrive to cause chaos

A quick game of “stalk-and-pounce” on the way to join mom at the kill


Enough for all to share

“Do you have to keep taking my picture”?

Once more I stand in awe of the savage beauty of the African bush and all creatures great and small.

A leg makes a great head rest.

All tummies full…time to find somewhere to sleep!
All images taken while on game drives from Madikwe Hills. www.madikwehills.com
The lodge is part of www.seasonsinafrica.comAll images are the copyright property of  and may not be used without permission