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Some people give a spouse jewelry for an anniversary, I took mine to a zoo…

We were there at feeding time and most of the raptors had just enjoyed lunch

This one seemed somewhat ruffled, no yet fed?

There is something “cute” about a meerkat

This young Honey badger was out and snuffling around his enclosure

Even the Koi were awaiting their turn to be fed

These Cougars had other things on their minds…well one of them did…

Stopping for a breather…all this foreplay is somewhat tiring

“What part of  NOT IN THE MOOD don’t you understand”?

The birds in the large aviary opposite were glad that they were not on a menu

Time for the cats…this Caracal(Lynx) was in a pensive mood

“Cook it, I like my meat underdone”…

The crushing power of this Bengal Tiger’s jaws was clear for all to see.

The tiger, for me, is still the apex predator

This young White Lion had to be cajoled into having dinner

Cleaning time…

This King Vulture might be UGLY, but it does have a colourful face

“Back off or I will beak butt you”!

A young cheetah paces as it waits for a keeper

Up close with Spike the porcupine…
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