All Hail…


“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”…or in my case, write a Blog!

The early morning peace was shattered by a violent thunderstorm that is not unusual for this time of the year…

What was different was the hail storm that accompanied it!

I should imagine that many gardens have had their early flowers stripped…this weed succumbed.

As did the lavender on our front stoep (porch)

In the last major hailstorm several of our window panes were broken…

And although the hailstones were quite large we had none broken this time

A tranquil moment in the white

Plants that were flattened will certainly recover

As will the Koi pond in the left of this picture. An entire winter’s dirt was washed off the roof and into the pond almost instantaneously!

This fellow withstood the weather

And although the lawn will be waterlogged for a while, the grass will appreciate the moisture

Even the new buds on the lemon tree survived

Our veggie garden took a beating though

Not much use for this presently…the rain has started again as I write this

But nature is tougher that we give her credit for and all will bloom bright and we humans will feel rejuvenated.

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