SA Tattoo 2012…is here!

Simon Carter, the Executive Producer of the SA Tattoo took time out of his busy schedule to chat to me
His full time job is actually running an ad agency, however after a visit to Edinburgh in 2007 he got involved with the local Tattoo.

South Africa hosts the fourth largest Tattoo

The Transvaal Scottish celebrate their centenary this year

Once again the military will be involved

As will mass bands…

Precision is what counts

Haggis and Bong will also be backLooking like extras from “Braveheart”…

Last year they performed with these young dancers, this year they will share the arena with a team from Harley Davidson

Code Red WILL also be back!
Precision drumming? YES PLEASE!

I am certain that a drill squad will be part of the 2012 line-up.


I bet this fellow wished he could have chosen a flute!

Massed pipe and drum bands are the lifeblood of any Tattoo

“Is anything worn under the kilt”?

I asked Simon what the Tattoo represented for him: “The feeling of being a proud South African when the giant flag unfurls at the end of each performance.Feeling good about what we have achieved and that we can celebrate our unity rather than our differences”.

The SA Tattoo in partnership with JacarandaFm presents its biggest and most spectacular line-up at Monte Casino’s outdoor event area from the 6-9 September 2012
(all the images in this Blog are from the 2011 Tattoo)

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