Anything Acoustic…Back @ Tanz Cafe


It seems that only last month we saw the end of Acoustic Arts 5 at this iconic music venue

One of the new sponsors…

A new judge,Julian von Plato of Sstreamm Studios (they produce Balcony TV)

Editor of CitiVibe, Bruce Dennill setting the tone for the new event

Natalie Chapman, finding her light for Anything Acoustic

Resident sound engineer, Gary van Zyl

And first up on a freezing cold evening in Johannesburg was Han Sage

Seeing he was performing as a solo artist, I dubbed him Han Solo

Considering that it had snowed in Johannesburg for most of the day, he certainly warmed the crowd up

An interesting set, which made me wonder why he had not entered the previous contest?

Next up, a group so eager to perform that did almost did not wait for Natalie to into them!

They are called “Black light Panda”…and I have NO idea why.

Bass players tend to hide in the shadows…far away from the main action

Drummers tend get bad lighting…but they do well with the groupies…

Last up for the evening, Vagus Nerve( which is the nerve that conveys sensory information about the state of the body to the central nervous system)

A better lit drummer…

and a guitarist…

Till next week…


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