Total Economy Run…not a rally!


This friendly couple made certain that all ran smoothly as the cars left to get fuel and weighed

Controlled chaos at the control point…

Numbers are placed on the car by the contestants…and very neatly I might add

The regular participants had all sorts of electronic gadgets to enable times to be accurately kept.

From this low angle, a Mini Clubman looks HUGE!

Waiting patiently to be given the clearance to move forward…

More diagnostic equipment than a medical lab!

One of two blind navigators involved in the Economy Run

Good tyres are very important to maximize fuel consumption…

The countdown clock..

This year Total are sponsoring this project as part of “giving back to the community”

Fred and Chris of the Leopard project decided to do the event in a Citroen instead of their monster truck…

One of the celebrity drivers, a familiar face to South African TV audiences,David Vlok.

2012 Miss Earth is supported by Total

The Miss Earth finalists. Driver Tamerin Jardine together with her navigator Aurelia Nxumalo

Once the vehicles had filled up the tanks were sealed…

And the cars were parked in the Parc Ferme at Greenway Woods for the night. Neither the driver or navigator is allowed to return to the vehicle once it is in this holding area.

The sun sets on the eve of the 2012 Total Economy Run

But before dinner and an early night, a drivers briefing which was addressed by Nadia Vosloo

A passionate appeal by Fred Berange of the Leopard Project for involvement by the community in leopard conservation

The lights over the lake signal the end of my day,as the morning will bring an early start…
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