On your marks…Day 1. Total Economy Run



The tall trees and a clear sky saw off the contestants on Day 1 of this challenging event.

The Parc Ferme at Greenway Woods and the beginning of the 36th 2012 Total Economy Ru

The contestants covered their cars over night to keep condensation off. Why? So they did not have to turn on the windscreen wipers and use fuel in doing so. Yes folks, it is that competitive! There was only 400ml (of fuel) between 1st and 2nd place last year..

Some went for full covers

If it walks like a duck…

Turns out this fellow was the bus driver…

This contestant forgot her fleece and unfortunately a still image cannot show her shivering

This chap has been involved in motor sport for the last 50 years

There is PLENTY of paperwork that needs to be completed accurately. The route today is in excess of 500 kms…

And away they go. No over-revving and certainly no wheel spinning!

Some of the car companies even had their own bottled water

This navigator was attending to her route map before the start.

David Vlok wearing the brightest shirt I have every seen. He told me he was a human traffic cone.

The observers keeping warm. Each car is allocated one to make certain that all rules and regulations are observed.

A friendly smile despite the cold…

Fred Berange of the Leopard Project doing some house keeping.

No matter how they finish, Fred and Chris won when it came to bringing the plight of the leopard to the attention of the contestants.

The Miss Earth finalists where the last team to leave…

A wave of the flag and they were off…

An empty Parc Ferme awaits the return of the contestants later.

To find out more about Total and their involvement in motorsport, visit either of the following websites:
www.total.co.za or www.totalmotorsport.co.za

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