Joburg Zoo…something different


Although I drive past the Zoo almost daily, it has been a while since my last visit there.

This young Flamingo was on hand to greet me on my arrival

One of the older family members.

The old Elephant house holds fond childhood memories for me.It is now used as a conference/weddin/party venue.

Why clean away the leaves…new ones WILL take their place!

The old predator cages.A far cry from the habitat they currently enjoy

This Condor kept its beady eye on me.

Certain enclosures have had part of the mesh replaced with glass, like this Serval enclosure

And this African Wild Cat.

I like Vultures…

The new fish and reptile house was a far cry from its dark and dingy predecessor.

This Boomslang might look like it is smiling, but I don’t think so.

This time of year(autumn) the trees lining the wide walkways are spectacular

Anything Mom can do…

Such an expressive face…

This Puma was enjoying the early morning sun

On the other side of the trees is one of Johannesburg’s busiest roads.

You do not want to be this close to a Buffalo in the wild.

A Scarlet Ibis

Not sure what this is, but it certainly is an interesting bird!

A Yellow billed Hornbill

This Hyena actually lifted its head as I stopped to take a picture.

Lest you forget you are in the centre of a major city, the Johannesburg skyline beckons.

The business end of a Nile Crocodile.

“I just want to rest here for a moment”

One of the white lionesses.

“I might be old, but I AM faster than you”…Polar bears are faster and more ferocious than they look.

“One hump or two” A couple of camels having a mid-morning snack.

The fastest predator on earth,the Cheetah…

This male Rhino went from lying down to “ready-to-rumble” in a heartbeat.

This elephant was keeping a food supply on its head! Bringing a new meaning to the words “brain food”

It took this Cattle Egret almost ten minutes to swallow this chick.

It finally figured out that wet might be better…



I wonder what this chimp was pondering?

A zoo visit without a Meerkat picture is not a visit!

Five of the 337 bins that a scattered throughout the Zoo…

Based on a previous visit I figured that a couple of hours would suffice, as it turned out I spent almost six hours wandering around and in retrospect there were still animals(like the bears) that I missed.
A great family venue, right in the heart of Johannesburg.


To find out more about what the Zoo has to offer, please visit