Acoustic Arts 5,second semi final at Tanz cafe


For the last eight weeks, this iconic venue has been home to the Acoustic Arts 5 competition…

With the heats and the first semi-final completed, judge Bruce Dennill reminded the audience which semi finalists will be performing on June 19th.
In no particular order they are,

Roland Albertson

 Daniel Cowan

Justin Serrao

 Polar Bear John.

and Hendrik Marx
Unfortunately I do not have images for Peter Hoven and Shawn Jacobs who will also be competing.
Good luck to all…
And what are the semi finalists competing for?
The big prize! A USA Breedlove guitar and…
A Mark Acoustic 601 Amp!
Prizes for the competition total in excess of R20000.00.
Both of these prizes are sponsored by Music Connection…but wait, that is not all…
      Bruce Dennill.
        Photo by david batzofin photography
The winner will also get a portfolio sponsored by award winning  ‘David Batzofin Photography’,
 the official photographer for the competition.

The *GRAND FINAL* will take place on July 3rd
To book a table for your “fan club” call the venue on 011 658 0277
Check out the Tanz web site for more information on upcoming performances and events.