Once (again ) in a Blue Moon


I was actually trying to
photograph stars(unsuccessfully)
when a caught sight of this sliver of
the moon hiding behind the trees.

Tuesday,22/05/2012:This is the beginning of a waxing crescent (Gemini) moon at 6% .

Once again a blue moon…well actually not, just a tinted image.

Saturday,26/05/12: These images show the waxing crescent moon at 29%.

Trying to see if I can spot footprints on the surface…

The first man-made object on the moon was…
the Soviet Union’s Luna 2 which landed on 13/09/1959

 It would be almost 10 years until Apollo 11 successfully landed.
20/07/1969…do you remember where you were when it happened?
I remember following the 1969 landing on the “wireless”
as we did not have TV in South Africa until 1975/6!

As a result of the ongoing space rivalry between the USSR and the USA,
failed mission and launch explosions were often not made public.

your interest in the moon, it does affect our lives to a larger or
lesser extent…
I certainly am looking forward to howling at the next
full moon!

Sunday,27/05/2012:Today I started taking pictures earlier than usual.
This was shot at 17h30.

I then waited until 19h30 to take these two images…
tonight the moon is up almost 10% from last night.38% of full…

You might notice that the angle has changed in two hours.
Monday,28/05/12: 17h15. The moon was being illuminated by the setting sun
The moon is currently in the first quarter. 

The moon at 49% of full. 

29/05/12: This image was taken at 16h15
I then waited until 17h41 before taking this shot
 The moon at 61% of full…

This image was taken at 22h18 and as can be seen,
the moon had changed position quite dramatically.
30/05/12: This is known as a waxing gibbous moon and is at 70% of full.
01/06/12: Waxing Gibbous and is at either 79% or 88% depending on what source you use…
To get more information about the moon phases:  http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/moon_phases.phtml

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