On the road again…and what to pack


No matter what the weather there are always certain items that will be found in my luggage.

My pillow…probably my most important travelling companion.My current pillow has been all over Africa as well as several International trips with me. www.simmons.co.za

A Buff…if you don’t know what they are click on this link…easy to pack and can be a lifesaver. www.buff.co.za

A headlight for those places that might not have electricity.Great way to read in bed. 

A regular torch will do just as well,but remember to take extra batteries  

The “impossible-to-do-without” Swiss army knife.I have had mine since 1976 

A Gerber multi-tool.I prefer this brand as the pliers are spring loaded. 

Gloves for winter game drives.Outer and inner so that you can uses your camera without losing your fingers to frostbite 

You can get the Sasol bird book on Blackberry as well as a variety of other devices.Great way to fool your guide as it offers bird calls which the print version does not. 


and a basic wildlife book are also on offer. 

A good pair of binoculars. Probably the item I forget most often. 

This is my new bush hat by Rogue…www.rogue.co.za

And my old hat that I have had for the past 12 years… http://www.davidbatzofin.com/2011/09/final-game-drive-from-leadwood-lodge.html

Good pair of boots for hiking/bush walks.These are locally made by Rogue.(www.rogue.co.za ) 
I can never have too much of this product!

A spare pair of glasses is well worth packing 

This “weekend” bag by Rogue( www.rogue.co.za) holds a lot more than you might give it credit for.And it is easy to spot when it arrives on the baggage carousel. 

iPad…need I say more? 

My trusty Tom Tom GPS.( www.tomtom.com)

Remember to pack all your connector leads as well as a multi-plug for charging. To make sure that you have the correct one for the country you are visiting, go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC_power_plugs_and_sockets)  

Charger for your camera battery…VERY IMPORTANT!

The humble elastic band…more uses than you might imagine 

A USB stick, just in case.Always a good place to keep duplicate tickets and passport details. 

A good camera bag.My new bag,by Clik,( www.clicksa.co.za ) will allow me to carry all my camera gear and there will be space for clothes and toiletries for an overnight trip as well!
What do you pack for your trips? Drop me a mail and let me know: david.batzofin @gmail.com