Greenside rocked,Golden Tiki re-launch


A couple of months ago “my” tattoo parlour moved from Linden to Greenside and the owner decided it was time to PARTY!

There were plenty of tattoos on display

As well as some interesting hair styles

Owner,Ryan(Busta) strikes his favourite pose.

a Cher lookalike?

Even in the chilly autumn weather there were skimpy costumes being worn.

Food from “da hood”…

A launch without wors would not be tolerated…

I never did find out who was hiding behind the mask.

Mmmmm, cold? I should think so!

Hair, piercings and tattoos…

“Girls on skates” entertained both themselves and the crowd.

Captions welcome, answers on a post card please.

When the legs got tired from skating, there was a hula hoop to play with.

But some of the die hard skaters continued as the light faded.

This young lady seemed to be the hula hoop expert…

at least it kept her warmer than…
this guest…

And when she was not showing off her hula hoop skills, she was doing cartwheels in the street.

Chelsea and Busta…
 To book an appointment call 071 397 4536 or visit them at their premises at 135 Greenway ,Greenside.
See their Blog:
And before questions are asked…YES, I am getting another tattoo soon…and this is it.