Cape Town,wet and wild

Cape Town,wet and wild

One cold and wet Autumn morning on the Sea Point Pavilion…

The inclement weather did not keep the gulls grounded

Waves crashing on the rocks distracted me from the drizzle that had started…our perhaps it was spray?

If you look REALLY closely you can see people on the top!

Grey skies turn colour images to mono…well almost.

The weather certainly did not stop the people from utilizing the promenade

A Hartlaub’s gull keeping an eye open for a meal

A Kelp gull

An African Oystercatcher…

A squabble of gulls…

“That” mountain from the V&A waterfront.

While back in Sea Point, the foam level rises.

And the wind picks up

While behind me on the grass a variety of sea bids were being fed…

Like this gull, it was time for me to pack up my gear and head off to the airport and my flight back to Johannesburg.