An alternative view of the Market on Main


The one thing I am always certain of when visiting markets is finding interesting people to photograph

There are often decorative features that resonate for me as I owned a Humber.

Often the people I shoot are so wrapped  up in what they are doing that they don’t notice me…which is the way I like it.

How many of us had a bicycle that had steel brakes?

Even the extractor fans are worth a picture.

a window to the world?

This stall holder was singing along to the music much to the amusement of her colleague

Deep in thought?

This stall holder was having a slow morning until the crowds picked up at lunch time

whoever put this bolt in place was making certain that it could not come off…

A lovely face in the crowd.

The back side of one of the building in downtown Johannesburg…

A picture is worth a thousand words? What does this one say? “Enough questions, buy something already”?

I certainly enjoyed my time at Market on Main and I will be returning again soon. (
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If you are a regular visitor to this venue try the Old Biscuit Mill  in Observatory, Cape Town.