Acoustic Arts 5.Round 6

Acoustic Arts 5.Round 6

As the post “Supermoon” rose over Fourways, Johannesburg, it was time for Round 6 of Acoustic Arts at Tanz Cafe.

This particular guitarist likes to keep his strings neat and tidy!

Perhaps a “wee drop” for both performers and audience members?

Here come da judge…Bruce Dennill, editor of CitiVibe starting(as he usually does) the evening off…
For those participants who are uncertain how they will be judged, here is a brief  breakdown of the scoring:
Guitar work: Intonation,technique and musicality.
Vocals: Intonation,technique and musicality
Material: Originality,Melody and rhythm.

The line up is picked in a transparent and unbiased manner that means they all have an equal chance of drawing the opening slot.This week that honour fell on Emile who set the standard for the evening

Santo Carl followed…

Rivaan certainly entertained the crowd…

Jonathan brought a table full of fans…something all contestants are encouraged to do.

Captain Barboza…or Pedro as he likes to be known…was the penultimate performer.

Last,by no means least was John Stephen who rounded off the evening on a high note.

The audience was entranced by the quality of the music and songwriting in this round.

A brand new addition to both Tanz Cafe and the Acoustic Arts 5 competition is This new advent in sharing music can be found in 30 countries around the world. Each contestant gets to perform one song and tell the viewing audience a bit about him (or her) self…so visit the website if you cannot attend the live event…
And what does the winner walk away with?
The big prize! A USA Breedlove guitar and…
A Mark Acoustic 601 Amp!
Prizes for the competition total in excess of R45000.00.

Both of these prizes are sponsored by Music Connection…but wait, that is not all…

      Bruce Dennill.
        Photo by david batzofin photography
The winner will also get a portfolio sponsored by award winning  ‘David Batzofin Photography’.
Official photographer of the competition.
You can still enter!
The next leg of the competition will take place at TANZ in Fourways on Tuesday May 15th.
The semi-finals take place on the 19 and 26 June and the *GRAND FINAL* will take place on July 3rd
Call Grant on 082 855 5445 or email him at
To book a table for your “fan club” call the venue on 011 658 0277
Check out the Tanz web site for more information on upcoming performances and events.