AARGH,avast landlubbers! Jozi Food Market at Pirates in Parkhurst


Not worth a mention at all! We went looking for it but it no longer seems to exist…I wish that I had called to find out before wasting petrol…but enough of the “was-not-there” and on to what was!

Although Pirates sporting club has been around for the past 125 years…

The Jozi Food Market has only been on these premises for the past couple of years.
They are open every Saturday from 08h30-13h00 at 4th Ave.Extension, Parkhurst or as the suburb has become recently become known…

There is enough parking at the club in order to save you money AND keep your blood pressure at acceptable levels!

Young ones seem to find chains a great source of enjoyment…

While older visitors want to be more sedate in their activities.

With Autumn making way for Winter, these might be a good idea for your furry friends.

A great way to start off a Saturday morning

This particular stall holder was enjoying some of his own products…best form of advertising?
Not sure what this customer was actually looking for but he left empty handed

The market is all about food of many types and varieties.

And they cater for veg, vegan and carnivores!

“Buy us and help us escape”

This young stall holder was selling cupcakes as well as

this range of tea…

Just when I thought I had seen it all!

Great for singles, or if you are having friends over and don’t feel like cooking. Although the product is superb, the spelling needs to be corrected 🙂

Here the youngsters can get involved and support Fair Trade by making a “scarecrow-on-a-stick”

Much like this one,only A LOT smaller.


To keep you healthy and regular.

Nap time…

Don’t they look delicious?

Something for the carnivores…

Certainly not “fast food”, but good food.

It was a busy morning at the market…

A food market HAS to have cupcakes.

some of the products on offer…

There is NOTHING like home made lemonade…

There are even doggy treats on sale…Nothing for cats I noticed. I wonder why?

Support and buy local.This food market is well worth the visit and there is plenty of onsite parking so that visitors will not be hassled by the new parking regulations that have recently been put into place a couple of blocks away.
To find out more about what is on offer,visit: http://www.jozifoodmarket.co.za/