The writing is on the wall?

The writing is on the wall?

My hunt for wall art in Johannesburg proved fruitful as I discovered recently. I was actually searching for graffiti but could not find any.

The attention to detail by the wall artists is quite spectacular.

I assume these are the names of the artists that produced this particular piece, but I could be wrong.

Can this be described as art,graffiti or tagging? Personally I think it is just defacing public spaces.

A tag on the wall in Berea. Nothing to “write” home about but part of the culture of our city.

Not sure if this qualifies as advertising?

On the back of one of the sign boards over the highway…could be a message for aliens?

This is just a blatant disregard for someones property.

Whoever did this work was putting himself at some risk.This particular gantry is high above a busy highway and has no safety net.

Why wall artists chose this particular saying I will never know.

Their work is really good and I wished they had left a telephone number as I have a wall just begging for some art work

Billy Connolly found a barbed-wire museum on Route 66 in the USA. I found this on Jan Smuts Ave.Even the shadow was painted.

The names of the artists concerned.

The wall at the corner of Empire and Jan Smuts was a dedicated “Graffiti wall” but has been hijacked by a variety of advertisers leaving it a sorry mess.

I took a detour via the Emmarentia Dam where I found this fellow fishing.

But not everyone had relaxation in mind…

How can this be described? I have no idea.

This on a wall in a park close to my house.

And this bright piece not too far away.I really like this.

Around the corner in Darrenwood I came across this work.Nice vibrant colours.

No it certainly won’t!

This is a really clever way to disguise a drainpipe.

Talking about pork pies, this is on the wall of a building that houses a butchery…

Perhaps some of the artists could benefit from a couple of lessons from Cameron?