It all started with a simple after dinner mint…

After a great meal at a restaurant ( http://www.cafeatom.co.za) in Cape Town recently I lost a filling as a result of chewing on one of these.
Not the fault of the sweet, but probably just the age of the filling.
And certainly not the fault of the food.
Go on a Thursday night when they offer Celtic music.
It did require that I phone a book an appointment with my dentist back in Johannesburg

I know this is for the “small” patients at Dr.J’s surgery,
but I was tempted to leave a message.

His younger patients seem to want to leave him pictures and profess their love,
not so much from his adult patients though…

I do believe that this chart is actually to show you where the most pain will occur…
That being said, Dr.J is probably the most “painless” dentist I have visited

A couple of sad looking plants in the reception area…and then I discovered that they grow like this.
A boon for dentists who don’t have time to water plants, keep succulents!

This was part of an old piece of equipment that I found while waiting for Dr.J to sort out my tooth.

For those who do not want to read outdated Farmers Weekly magazines there are interactive games that you can play while you wait.
On that note, how come there is ALWAYS a Farmers Weekly
or some sort of agricultural magazine in upmarket urban dental surgeries?

I have NO idea why this particular 9yr old drew a battleship after being to see Dr.J.
Perhaps the after effects of either an injection or gas?
Just to REALLY scare you as you walk to the surgery…

Why are most waiting rooms reminiscent of Home Affairs or every government department.
They should have comfortable chairs and perhaps even a coffee machine?
We often spent a while waiting, so at least make us comfortable before making us “open wide”
…just a thought…

My FAVOURITE piece of dental equipment…they one that dispenses the gas…
legal high, and enjoyable!

I have no problem looking at the instruments, unless there is a syringe involved.
I revert to child very quickly in that case…

X-ray machine control. Dentists always drape patients with a lead apron and then step out of the room…
I often want to follow them just to see where they go.

Almost time for lights, action, camera…literally as I was about to record my own surgery

The equipment on the right would not have been found in a dentists arsenal a few years ago,it is for drying the new bonding material.
Makes for great repairs and you do not walk out of the surgery feeling like a Chipmunk
and dribbling liquid down your chin.

The side of the cart that we as patients never get to see.If someone could invent a silent drill I am certain that our visits would be a lot less stressful.
Nothing sends shivers down my spine quite like the whine of the drill just before it enters my mouth.

Time to get into the hot seat…

I have a feeling that I am the only patient that has ever taken their own photograph
while Dr.J works his magic…
although he did tell me that he has had to ban patients from texting while in the chair!

I believe that all dental products and gloves should taste like strawberry…
I know that there are other latex products that are flavoured.

All done…tooth rebuilt and I endured the entire procedure with out gas or injections…a first for me.
Many thanks Dr.J, but you forgot to give me a sweet for being such a good patient…
I have since found out that sweets are no longer an option.
Good patients now get a balloon.

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