Back in the day…wildlife in Sepia.

Back in the day...wildlife in Sepia.

Although most Sepia images were of the “Big 5” or dead animals, I wanted to celebrate both prey and predator species. Being the primary victims, I dedicate this blog to the humble Impala.(Also known as the “McDonald’s” of the bushveld.)

 Zebra also find themselves on the menu…

I believe that lions sleep for 20 hours a day because yawning makes them tired.

Not much, other than humans, bother Elephants…

At the moment Rhino are the “whipping boys” of wildlife.Poaching has gotten out of hand and cannot seem to be controlled.

Wild dogs are not one of the “Big 5” but they should be…

Buffalo are a worthy opponent and even their bovine appearance should not fool people into believing they are docile.

My favourite Elephant image…hence its inclusion.

Mom and baby on alert…

Checking out the menu? 

Even from this position I can keep an eye on you!
All these images were taken with a Pentax K5 using a variety of Sigma lenses.