Wildlife in black and white…

Wildlife in black and white...
These images are influenced by the work of English born wildlife photographer Nick Brandt who set out to capture the wildlife in East Africa before human encroachment removes them forever.

A White Rhino…which, together with the Black Rhino might be the fastest vanishing species in Africa due to poaching.

Zebras are one of my favourite animals to photograph.

The largest land mammal…the African Elephant.

A Lioness in “hunt” mode.They are really bad hunters and this was time was no exception and she came away empty “handed”.

For some reason Giraffe are a favourite with International travelers.

A grey ghost…so named because they can move through the bush with almost no noise.

A pair of White Rhino…

A successful hunt,for the Lion that is. Not so successful for the unlucky Wildebeest.

The Hippo is responsible for more deaths on the African continent than all the other predators combined.

The African Buffalo. One of the most dangerous animals to hunt.It has a habit of doubling back on the hunter unless the first shot is fatal.

Up close and personal.

One of the most sought after species when on a game drive.The Wild Dog.

A muddy Buffalo in the early morning sun. 

Two stallions in a territory dispute. 

Towering above me, this Elephant is a magnificent sight.

I hope that this youngster survives to become a mature animal.
All images taken with either the Samsung GX20 or the PENTAX K5 DSLR cameras
Lenses: Sigma 50-500mm F5.6. Samsung 50-200mm. F5.6.Sigma 70-300mm F4