Throw another sausage on the barbeque…

Throw another sausage on the barbeque...
It started out innocently enough.A random comment on my Facebook page saying that I was going to buy ‘the best” boerewors (sausage) in Johannesburg…and then the comments came flooding in!

To my mind the best “wors” comes from this butchery in Linden,Johannesburg.

Although situated in a suburb of a major city, it has the feel of a small town establishment.Most of the staff speak Afrikaans and the spirit of community is almost palpable.

Typical of most small town butcheries here in SA, it seems to be a shrine to rugby…

And this is what the customers clamour for…freshly made boerewors that has won Rembrandt many accolades.

Cooking the wors outside the butchery on a Saturday has become something of a tradition…and the aroma is very difficult to ignore.

Meanwhile, back at our house I had started the fire for our “braai” (barbeque)

Charcoal or…

wood? That is the question.

I sometimes use wood, but in this instance I chose the charcoal.

And why? Because it came with instructions!

The coals are ready, so time to put the meat on.
Mmmmmm, time to take it to the fire…To find out more about this product visit

Nothing like the aroma of cooking meat, unless you are a vegetarian or vegan.

This meal is for people who do not mind that the food used to have a face and parents.

The smoke drifting the the foliage of the Common Ash in our garden.

The final result. Those ex-pats who are reading this in foreign countries do not have to be reminded of the taste.

The meat can be obtained from Rembrandt Butchery,Linden.Open Monday to Saturday.
Watch this space for the big “cook-off” between apposing butchery factions…coming to a fire near you soon.
If you would like to try to make your own, visit